The Education of Podiatrist William Levine

William Levine PodiatristIn order to become a doctor, everyone knows that there is a significant amount of education involved. William Levine, now a podiatrist, knew this. But even as a young child, he was known to have a love of books and was a voracious learner by nature. This boded well for him in his future studies on the road to becoming a podiatrist. His love for science made medical school a joyous challenge. While school was always a priority, William Levine also managed to maintain a balance between school and extracurriculars, such as sports, which has helped even today as he balances career with his life outside his practice.

William Levine: A Podiatrist’s Life

William Levine Podiatrist

William Levine is a podiatrist, a well trained and capable one who attended medical school and threw himself, with rigor, into the daily labor of podiatry. Levine attended public schools in Rosedale, in the south of Queens. Dr. Levine’s excellent education began in the public schools of Rosedale. He loved sports and athletics, enjoying baseball, football, soccer, and roller hockey. In the meantime, he excelled in school.

William Levine was accepted into Rosalind Franklin University School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois, where he threw himself with vigor into his medical schooling. Chicago was an amazing city and one that Dr. Levine enjoyed greatly. During his time there, he had the pleasure of getting to see Michael Jordan play in his home stadium.

A Medical Profile: Dr. Willian Levine, Podiatrist With a Heart

William Levine Podiatrist

Not only is Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, an Associate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, but he also has received a certification from the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners. Dr. Levine, who is from Brooklyn, has been in private practice in podiatry for nearly 25 years. While he is highly regarded for his specialty, which is bunions and their treatment, the fact is, he handles almost every ailment imaginable dealing with ankles and feet.

He is also a physician of some renown. He is well known and sought after for bunion treatments because he has developed a surgical technique allowing him to treat these common ailments with a surgical technique that is less invasive and less painful. As well as he is regarded for that, however, many people also seek out Dr. William Levine, podiatrist for his skills as a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist, as well. For example, his services routinely include the treatment of hyperhidrosis (overly sweaty feet) through the use of botox injections. He also uses dermal filler injections to treat those patients who suffer from metatarsal fat pad atrophy. Unfortunately, this pain and numbness in the ball of the feet is far too common among women.

The office of Dr. William Levine, Podiatrist, also provides services to patients such as spa-like foot rejuvenation treatments, foot massages, using exotic oils and whirlpool baths for the feet. His office also is capable of using lasers to remove nail fungus and they will do nail bleaching and employing state of the art instruments and creams to remove all cracking skin, corns and calluses.

Profile – William Levine, Podiatrist in New York City

While bunions may be his specialty, Dr. William Levine, podiatrist from New York City is highly skilled and experienced in dealing with many health problems related to the foot. For example, he is also a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist. He offers botox injections to treat hyperhydrosis, which is a medical term for overly sweaty feet. He can also provide dermal filler injections to those patients who suffer from metatarsal fat pad atrophy, which is pain and numbness in the ball of the feet, which is common among women. He also provides spa-like foot rejuvenation treatments, using massage with exotic oils and whirlpool baths. Dr. Levine can also use lasers to remove nail fungus, do nail bleaching, and he employs state of the art instruments and creams to remove all cracking skin, corns and calluses.
Dr. William Levine is an Associate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and he has been certified by the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners. When he has free time, Dr. Levine enjoys watching and playing sports, including soccer, baseball, football, skiing, golf, and tennis. He also likes to work on home improvement projects, and he is also fond of reading and traveling.

Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, has been in private practice since 1993, and a specialty of his has been in his treatment of bunions, which he has perfected over many years. Bunions are a particularly common foot problem for many people. It is a bony bump that usually forms on the side of the big toe. There are some non-surgical treatments available for bunions, but Dr. Levine has found that once the condition has progressed, surgery is quite often the only treatment necessary, so he has developed a surgical treatment over the years that treats bunions with the smallest possible incision in a way that produces less bleeding and scarring than other procedures and that requires little to no pain medication.